The cat family

All cats around the world spend their time doing the same sorts of activities : hunting, eating, and sleeping.

Cat carnivores :

Cats eat only meat, and those that live in the wild have to catch it. Some are fussier than others.

Caracal :

These cats can leap high into the air to catch birds.

Bobcat :

This cat lives in the woodlands of North America and eats rabbits.

Jaguarundi :

This small, stocky cat eats anything it can catch.

Fishing cat :

This cat catches fish by grabbing them with its claws.

Climbers :

Some cats live in forests and all cats can climb trees. They have very good balance and razor sharp claws that hook into branches.

The loudest roar :

Most big cats roar; when this lion gets angry, his roar can be heard 8 km ( 5 miles) away ! All other cats miaow, purr, and growl.

A fine coat :

A cats fur keeps it warm and camouflagged. Cats spend a lot of time licking their fur with their rough tongues to clean it.

Cat features :

All cats look similar, but their caots, shapes, and sizes are suited to where they live. This serval has a long neck and big ears to enable it to see and hear well in long grass. 

Stalk and pounce :

Unlike dogs, cats cannot run fast for long distances, so they rely on their ability to stalk and pounce. When stalking, they keep their bodies low, move slowly, and then pounce.

Why do cats lick their fur?

Cats lick their fur to clean themselves and to keep cool.

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